Refresh Token Management

The Admin Portal provides a utility that generates a refresh token or revokes all refresh tokens.

To generate a refresh token:
  1. Login to Select an agency and an app from that agency,

  2. At the bottom of the App Edit page, you will find the Refresh Token Management section above the Save button.

  3. When clicking on the "Generate Refresh Token" button, a pop up window will be promoted. After entering all required values and clicking the submit button, a refresh token will be generated and displayed below the submit button. The token will be copied to clipboard when clicking on the copy icon.
    Note: This is a one-off process, refresh token won't be saved on admin portal, exit or refresh to App Edit page will clear the generated refresh token.

To revoke all refresh tokens:
  1. At app level: When clicking on the "Revoke Refresh Tokens" button, an alert window will be promoted with a message "Are you sure you want to revoke all refresh tokens for this App? This action is irreversible".

    After clicking the Ok button, another alert window will be promoted with a message "Tokens Revoked!".

  2. At agency level: The same refresh tokens revoke feature can be found at the agency level, at the bottom of the Agency Info page above the Save button.