Accela Civic Platform and Accela Construct

The Accela Civic Platform is an ecosystem whose framework consists of Civic Platform application components and Accela Construct:

Civic Platform is a set of core solutions and templates for civic management, and configuration tools for customizing services and user interfaces. The Civic Platform provides ways for other solutions to leverage its services and configurations. Accela Construct allows developers to extend existing solutions and create new ones. The Accela API enables developers to get data in and out of Civic Platform via custom web sites, web services, or mobile apps without rewriting the data model or business rules. The Accela API standardizes the ways developers interact with the Civic Platform while providing a layer of protection and security. To help developers build their apps, Accela provides Software Development Kits for popular mobile operating systems such as iOS, Android, .NET, Windows, PHP, node.js, and Ruby.

Accela Construct provides the capability to manage identities for the purpose of authentication. The Accela API's authentication mechanism ensures that customers’ identity is secure and customers' data is protected. Developers do not have to build their own authentication.

Accela Construct also has the ability to publish data to the Open Data portal, Using Accela's Open Data tools, agencies are able to choose what data they publish in Citizens can view the raw data in different formats. Civic app developers can incorporate data from into other applications, further enriching the data and extending the value provided to their communities.