API Permission Scopes

Each Construct API resource is assigned a scope which represents the permission to access the resource. When you request an API access token for your app, you specify the scope(s) to allow your app to access the resources represented by the scopes. An app that uses Construct API resources will prompt the user for consent to access the resources.

For example, a sample app called metroCitizenApp has specified "contacts records" as the scope for its API access token. When a user logs in metroCitizenApp, it will prompt the user to allow access to the specified scope resources:

Note: The get_civicid_profile scope is always included. If the user clicks Allow, the app is given access to the Construct API resources represented by the specified scopes.

Each scope is associated with multiple Construct APIs that are related to the scope object. In many cases, as illustrated in the above example, an app will be using multiple Construct API scopes.

The Construct API Reference documentation shows the scope for each API endpoint.