API Naming Conventions

The API method names use the following general conventions:

Method Name Convention HTTP Request URI Example
Get All <Object>s GET /<object>s

Get All Inspections

URI: /inspections

Get All <Object>s for <Parent> GET /<parent>s/{parentId}/<object>s

Get All Inspections for Record

URI: /records/{recordId}/inspections

Get All <Parent> <Object>s GET



Get All Contact Addresses

URI: /contacts/{id}/addresses

Get All Inspection Types

URI: /settings/inspections/types

Get <Object>s GET /<object>s/{ids}

Get Inspections

URI: /inspections/{ids}

Get <Parent> <Object> GET /<parent>s/{parentId}/<object>s/{id}

Get Inspection Condition

URI: /inspections/{inspectionId}/conditions/{id}

Create <Object>s POST



Create Record

URI: /records

Create Inspection Conditions

URI: /inspections/{inspectionId}/conditions

Update <Object> PUT /<object>s/{id}

Update Inspection

URI: /inspections/{id}

Delete <Object>s DELETE /<object>s/{ids}

Delete Inspections

URI: /inspections/{ids}

Search <Object>s POST /search/<object>s

Search Inspections

URI: /search/inspections