The Civic Platform
Accela Civic Platform provides a complete civic engagement platform that fits the needs of government agencies large and small, streamlines civic processes and engages entire communities. Accela Automation is the heart of the Civic Platform, and is powering hundreds of governments of all sizes as a complete solution for automating critical tasks associated with permitting, licensing, code enforcement, community development, planning, inspections and investigations, infrastructure. asset management, emergency response, and many more.
The Civic Platform developer program lets you extend existing solutions, build custom solutions and apps that can be used by the agency staff and the citizens. These apps create efficiencies for agency staff, while increasing citizen engagement with government.
Developer Resources
The Developer Portal is a single, central location for all the tools and resources needed to develop solutions, apps for the Civic Platform.
Test Resources
Accela Automation test site provides a sandbox area for developing mobile applications.
Accela Automation for Apps
Login using: Islandton/developer/accela
Get an API Test Token
V3 API Change Log
January 2015 Update
API URI Change Description
Get Single Inspection   GET /v3/inspections/{id}   New estimatedStartTime and estimatedEndTime response fields.
Advanced Search Inspections   POST /v3/search/inspections   New filter.status request field

May 2015 Update
API URI Change Description
Advanced Search Inspections   POST /v3/search/inspections   New score response field which contains the total score for the inspection.

July 2015 Update
API URI Change Description
Create Report   POST /v3/reports/{reportId}   Fixed exception 500 (code:1005) from Create Report API which prevented app users from using the report feature.

October 2015 Update
API URI Change Description
Get Record ASIs   GET /v3/records/{id}/asis   Fixed missing ASI data type.
Get Record ASITs   GET /v3/records/{id}/asits   Fixed missing ASIT data type.
Create Record   POST /v3/records   Fixed internal server error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." encountered when creating a record with ASIT.

June 2016 Update
API URI Change Description
Search Inspections   GET /v3/search/inspections   Fixed incorrect pagination when offset and limit paging parameters are specified.