Object Permissions

Civic Platform provides three levels of access (Full, Read Only, None) to Civic Platform objects and functions. Full access enables modification, Read Only enables viewing, and None provides no access. Civic Platform enforces access control on many different objects and functions, including workflow status, application types, inspections, calendars, FIDs, and so forth.

Civic Platform manages access permissions for modules, groups, and individual users. Unless you define specific access permissions at the group or individual user level, groups and users inherit access permissions from their parent module. You can set access permissions differently for the module to which a group belongs, the group to which an individual user belongs, and the individual user.

When access permissions differ between the module, group, and individual user, the access assigned at the most specific level applies. For example, if an individual user has Read access and the group to which they belong has Full access, Civic Platform enforces Read access.

The following table shows how Civic Platform might determine access when multiple security policies apply to a situation.

Table 1. Access Determination for Civic Platform
User Group Workflow Appl. Type FID* User Access
Full Full Full Full Full
Read Full None Read None
Full Read Full Read Read
None Full Full Read None
Full Read Read Full Read

Civic Platform enables agencies to define up to four levels of user groups, each with their own access permissions. In addition, you can set access permissions at any of the four levels of record type structure. The best practice provides the most access at the highest level needed, then limits access at more specific levels, as required.

To set the permissions for an Civic Platform object, you associate the module, group, or individual user to the object of concern.

* FID: Four-digit identification numbers used to enable fields, security, permissions, and functionality in Civic Platform. For definitions of Civic Platform terms, see the Civic Platform Master Glossary.