Name App Type Scope Auth Type Resource URI Civic Platform version
Get All Trust Accounts All trustaccounts Access token GET /v4/trustAccounts


Trust Accounts

Context: payments

Agency customers can deposit money into a trust account that the customer can drawn from when they need to pay fees for an application. This is helpful for customers that have a large amount of work they regularly perform in your jurisdiction, such as contractors or developers.

Automation allows you to set up trust accounts for address, parcels, licensed professionals and contacts. The trust account functionality allows you to establish and maintain trust account information, perform trust account transactions, and print trust account reports.

With the trust account feature, users can set one primary trust account and associate the trust account with one record or multiple records.

Automation can send an email notification to the trust account manager when the trust account balance drops below a certain amount. For example, if the trust account has a $100 threshold amount and the trust account falls below $50, Accela Automation sends an e-mail notification to the trust account manager.

Administrators can assign one or more trust accounts as global to one or more modules, which makes the trust accounts available to all records within the specified module. This feature allows users to access a temporary trust accounts to process refunds.