Name App Type Scope Auth Type Resource URI Civic Platform version
Initialize Payment Citizen payments Access token POST /V4/payments/initialize
Commit Payment Citizen payments Access token PUT /V4/payments/{id}
Create Payment All payments Access token POST /v4/payments 7.3.2
Get All Fee Schedules All payments Access token GET /v4/settings/fees 7.3.2
Void Payment Agency payments Access token PUT /v4/payments/{paymentId}/void 9.0.0


Name App Type Scope Auth Type Resource URI Civic Platform version
Get All Payment Refund Reasons All settings Access token GET /v4/settings/payments/refundReasons 9.0.0
Get All Payment Void Reasons All settings Access token GET /v4/settings/payments/voidReasons 9.0.0



Payments represent that acceptance of monetary funds submitted to the agency in relation to a transactional record. The system uses payments to invoice for services rendered and to create credit card transactions for payment.

Accepting Payments

When citizens pay record fees and assessments, your app needs to be able to accept payments and save the payment information in Accela. Construct API provides two ways of accepting payments:

  • Payment APIs that save payment information from an external third-party payment vendor, to which the user is redirected for payment processing:

    • Initialize Payment - Initializes a Civic Platform payment transaction with a citizen's payment information such as record ID, third-party merchant account ID, and payment method. The Initialize Payment API returns a transaction ID which should be used as the payment ID when calling the Commit Payment API to save the payment details from the third-party merchant into Civic Platform.

    • Commit Payment - Triggers PaymentReceiveBefore and PaymentReceiveAfter events which can interact with third-party payment processing, and saves payment details in Civic Platform. Use the transaction ID returned by the Initialize Payment API to identify the payment transaction to be committed. Note that an app cannot use the Commit Payment API unless a Construct agency administrator enables the Payment Enabled setting on the agency Apps page on the Construct Admin Portal.

  • Payment APIs that process and save payment transactions using a Civic Platform payment adapter:

    • Create Payment - Processes a payment using the default Civic Platform payment adapter.