Update Custom Form for Record Workflow Task

Updates custom forms containing task-specific information for a given workflow task for a specific record.

Resource Information

Scope records

Deprecated scope name:   update_record_workflow_task_customforms

Scope Group(s) records
App Type Agency
Authorization Type Access token
URI /v4/records/{recordId}/workflowTasks/{taskId}/customForms?lang={lang}
Automation Version(s) 8.0.3

Request Information

Field or Parameter Type Required Values Description Automation Version
[] {} Yes   An array of custom form objects, each of which consists of custom field values to be updated. 8.0.3
<customType> string Yes   A custom field name and value pair. For example in JSON, "My Custom Field": "My Custom Value". The custom field name and its data type are defined in Automation custom forms or custom tables.
  • For a Text field, the maximum length is 256.
  • For a Number field, any numeric form is allowed, including negative numbers.
  • For a Date field, the format is MM/dd/yyyy. For a Time field, the format is hh:mm.
  • For a TextArea field, the maximum length is 4000 characters, and allows line return characters.
  • For a DropdownList field, the dropdown list values are in the options[] array. For a CheckBox field, the (case-sensitive) valid values are "UNCHECKED" and "CHECKED".
  • For a Radio(Y/N) field, the(case-sensitive) valid values are "Yes" and "No".
lang String No   Indicates the language applied. 8.0.3
recordId string Yes Get All Records Search Records Get My Records The unique ID associated with a record. 8.0.3
taskId string Yes Get All Workflow Tasks for Record The unique id of the workflow task assigned by the Civic Platform server. 8.0.3


Sample Request Head

PUT https://apis.accela.com/v4/records/ISLANDTON-16CAP-00000-001SA/workflowTasks/1-2/customForms

Sample Request Body

  "Hearing Documentation Attached": "Yes",
  "Notices Sent": "No"

Response Information

Field Type Description Automation Version
result[] result{}   8.0.3
result.code string A code identifying an associated item 8.0.3
result.id string The unique identifier for the object, assigned by the Civic Platform server and provided in a response. 8.0.3
result.isSuccess boolean Indicates whether or not the operation on the item is successful. 8.0.3
result.message string A text message related to the operation. 8.0.3
status integer The record status. 8.0.3


Sample Response Body

  "status": 200,
  "result": [
      "isSuccess": true