Get All Statuses for Workflow Task

Gets the status of the specified workflow task for the specified record.

Resource Information


Deprecated scope name:   get_record_workflow_task_statuses

App TypeAll
Authorization TypeAccess token
URI /v4/records/{recordId}/workflowTasks/{id}/statuses?lang={lang}
Automation Version(s)7.3.2

Request Information

Field or ParameterTypeRequiredValuesDescriptionAutomation Version
idstringYesThe unique identifier for the object, assigned by the Civic Platform server and provided in a response.7.3.2
langStringNoIndicates the language applied.7.3.2
recordIdstringYes Get All Records Search Records Get My Records The unique ID associated with a record.7.3.2

Response Information

FieldTypeDescriptionAutomation Version
result.textstringThe localized display text.7.3.2
result.valuestringThe value for the specified parameter.7.3.2
statusintegerThe record status.7.3.3