Accela SDK for Windows  V4.0
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 NWindowsStoreSDKContains Accela objects that allow your Windows Phone app to interact with the Accela Accela API and the Civic Platform. This namespace also includes HTTP and JSON helper objects.
 NClientContains the LoginPage class which displays the Accela authentication page for the Windows Phone.
 CLoginPageA login page for users to do Authentification operation
 CAccelaApiErrorResultServer error result for api
 CAccelaApiEventArgsRepresents the AccelaSDK api event args.
 CAccelaApiExceptionRepresent errors that occur while calling a AccelaSDK API.
 CAccelaDownloadProgressChangedEventArgsRepresents AccelaSDK api download progress changed event args.
 CAccelaOAuthErrorResultServer error result for authorization
 CAccelaOAuthExceptionRepresent errors that occur while calling a AccelaSDK API.
 CAccelaOAuthResultAccelaOAuthResult store Authentification result and convert from object to system string.
 CAccelaSDKAccelaSDK is the main object of the Accela SDK for Windows Store.
 CAccelaSessionEventArgsaccela session event args.
 CAccelaUploadProgressChangedEventArgsRepresents AccelaSDK api upload progress changed event args.
 CHttpWebRequestCreatedEventArgsModel class to set/get userToken and HttpWebRequestWrapper
 CHttpWebRequestWrapperRepresents the http web request wrapper.
 CHttpWebResponseWrapperWrapper for http web response.
 CIJsonSerializerStrategyClass provide Serialize/Deserialize interfaces
 CJsonArrayRepresents the json array.
 CJsonObjectRepresents the json object.
 CPocoJsonSerializerStrategyHelper class providing Serialize/DeserializeObject feature based on Poco
 CWebExceptionWrapperWrapper for web exceptions.