Create Delegates

Creates the specified delegate users. The Create Delegates API allows the logged-in user to send delegate requests to one or more users, as specified in the request array. The specified userNames must be valid citizen users. The logged-in user cannot send more than one delegate request to the same userName. For each new delegate, the delegateStatus is set to PENDING. The citizen user receiving the delegate request will need to accept the delegate request (via Update Invitation API) to enable the assigned permissions. If the citizen user rejects the invitation (via Update Invitation API) , the permissions will not take effect; the delegate record remains until it is deleted by the Delete Delegates API.

Resource Information


Deprecated scope name:   create_citizenaccess_citizens_delegates

App TypeCitizen
Authorization TypeAccess token
URI /v4/citizenaccess/citizens/delegates?lang={lang}
Automation Version(s)

Request Information

Field or ParameterTypeRequiredValuesDescriptionAutomation Version
langStringNo Indicates the language applied.
invitationMessagestringNo The invitation message sent to the delegate.
namestringYes The delegate's nick name.
permissions[]permissions{}No Contains delegate permission attributes.
permissions.amendAllowedbooleanNotrue | falseIf true, the delegate is allowed to amend records.
permissions.createRecordAllowedbooleanNotrue | falseIf true, the delegate is allowed to create records.
permissions.documentAllowedbooleanNotrue | falseIf true, the delegate is allowed to manage documents.
permissions.inspectionAllowedbooleanNotrue | falseIf true, the delegate is allowed to manage inspections.
permissions.levelstringNoMODULE | AGENCY | RECORD_TYPEThe permission level.
permissions.levelValuestringNo The value for the permission level, as configured in Automation.
permissions.paymentAllowedbooleanNotrue | falseIf true, the delegate is allowed to make payments.
permissions.renewalAllowedbooleanNotrue | falseIf true, the delegate is allowed to renew records.
permissions.viewRecordAllowedbooleanNotrue | falseIf true, the delegate is allowed to view records.
userNamestringYes The delegate's login name.


Sample Request Head


Sample Request Body

    "userName": "",
    "name": "testdelegate",
    "invitationMessage": "You are invited.",
    "permissions": [
        "level": "MODULE",
        "levelValue": "Building",
        "viewRecordAllowed": "true",
        "createRecordAllowed": "false",
        "renewalAllowed": "false",
        "inspectionAllowed": "false",
        "documentAllowed": "false",
        "paymentAllowed": "false",
        "amendAllowed": "false"

Response Information

FieldTypeDescriptionAutomation Version
result.codestringA code identifying an associated item7.3.3.5
result.idstringThe unique identifier for the object, assigned by the Civic Platform server and provided in a response.
result.isSuccessbooleanIndicates whether or not the operation on the item is successful.
result.messagestringA text message related to the operation.
statusintegerThe record status.


Sample Response Body

  "status": 200,
  "result": [
      "id": "8775",
      "code": "Success",
      "message": "",
      "isSuccess": true