Get Report Definition

Gets the definition for a specific report.

Resource Information


Deprecated scope name:   get_settings_report_definition

App TypeAll
Authorization TypeAccess token
URI /v4/settings/reports/definitions/{reportId}?lang={lang}&fields={fields}
Automation Version(s)7.3.2

Request Information

Field or ParameterTypeRequiredValuesDescriptionAutomation Version
fieldsstringNo Comma-delimited names of fields to be returned in the response. Note: Field names are case-sensitive and only first-level fields are supported. Invalid field names are ignored.7.3.2
langStringNo Indicates the language applied.7.3.2
reportIdstringYes Get All Report Definitions A unique system-generated identification number for a report.7.3.2

Response Information

FieldTypeDescriptionAutomation Version
resultresult{} 7.3.2
result.descriptionstringThe description of the record or item.7.3.2
result.formatstringThe report format (PDF, XLS and so on)7.3.2
result.idlongThe unique identifier for the object, assigned by the Civic Platform server and provided in a response.7.3.2
result.namestringThe full name for the application contact.7.3.2
result.parameters[]result.parameters{}Contains the fields that define report parameters.7.3.2
result.parameters.namestringThe full name for the application contact.7.3.2
result.parameters.nicknamestringThe more commonly understood name for a report parameter.7.3.2
result.parameters.requiredstringIndicates whether or not values for sibling fields are required.7.3.2
result.parameters.typestringThe parameter type.7.3.2
result.servProvCodestringThe unique agency identifier, the system assigns, on the Accela Civic Platform.7.3.2
statusintegerThe record status.7.3.3