Get All Departments

Gets a list of agency departments.

Resource Information


Deprecated scope name:   get_settings_departments

App TypeAgency
Authorization TypeAccess token
URI /v4/settings/departments?lang={lang}
Automation Version(s)7.3.2

Request Information

Field or ParameterTypeRequiredValuesDescriptionAutomation Version
langStringNoIndicates the language applied.7.3.2

Response Information

FieldTypeDescriptionAutomation Version
result.agencystringThe department agency7.3.2
result.bureaustringThe name of the bureau, which is an organization level within an agency.7.3.2
result.divisionstringThe name of the division, which is an organization level within a bureau.7.3.2
result.groupstringThe department group.7.3.2
result.idstringThe unique identifier for the object, assigned by the Civic Platform server and provided in a response.7.3.2
result.officestringAn organization level within a group. An office is the final level within an organization structure. Agency->Bureau->Division->Section->Group->Office.7.3.2
result.sectionstringA piece of a township measuring 640 acres, one square mile, numbered with reference to the base line and meridian line.7.3.2
result.serviceProviderCodestringThe unique agency identifier, the system assigns, on the Accela Civic Platform.7.3.2
result.textstringThe localized display text.7.3.2
result.valuestringThe value for the specified parameter.7.3.2
statusintegerThe record status.7.3.3