Search All

Finds records that meet the search criteria across the agency.

Resource Information

Scope global_search
App Type All
Authorization Type Access token
URI /v4/search/global?lang={lang}&query={query}&type={type}&modules={modules}&offset={offset}&limit={limit}&sort={sort}&direction={direction}
Automation Version(s) 7.3.2

Request Information

Field or Parameter Type Required Values Description Automation Version
direction string No ASC | DESC Specifies whether to sort in ascending or descending order. Default is ASC. 7.3.2
lang String No   Indicates the language applied. 7.3.2
limit long No   Indicates the number of items that are returned in each page. 7.3.2
modules string No Get All Modules The modules to which to confine a global search. 7.3.2
offset long No   Indicates the offset start of each page by the number specified. 7.3.2
query string No   The query for use in a global search. 7.3.2
sort string No   The result set is sorted by the specified field name. Specify the sort order in the "direction" parameter. The default sort order is the ascending order. 7.3.2
type string No   The type of entity to be queried. 7.3.2

Response Information

Field Type Description Automation Version
result void The returned object is not JSON data. 7.3.2
status integer The record status. 7.3.3