Get Professionals

Gets information for one or more specified professionals.

Resource Information


Deprecated scope name:   get_professional

App TypeAll
Authorization TypeAccess token
URI /v4/professionals/{ids}?lang={lang}&fields={fields}
Automation Version(s)7.3.2

Request Information

Field or ParameterTypeRequiredValuesDescriptionAutomation Version
fieldsstringNo Comma-delimited names of fields to be returned in the response. Note: Field names are case-sensitive and only first-level fields are supported. Invalid field names are ignored.7.3.2
idsstringYes One or multiple identifiers separated by a comma like id1,id2,id3.7.3.2
langStringNo Indicates the language applied.7.3.2


Sample Request Head



The following sample request uses the ISLANDTON agency in the TEST environment on the Accela Developer Sandbox. Click the "Send to Hurl.It" link below to submit the sample request. Replace YOUR-ACCESS-TOKEN before submitting the request.

   -H 'Content-type: application/json'
   -H 'Accept: application/json'
   -H 'Authorization: YOUR-ACCESS-TOKEN'
   -X GET,20001384011

Response Information

FieldTypeDescriptionAutomation Version
result[]result{} 7.3.2
result.addressLine1stringThe first line of the address. 7.3.2
result.addressLine2stringThe second line of the address.7.3.2
result.addressLine3stringThe third line of the address.7.3.2
result.birthDatedateTimeThe birth date of an individual.7.3.2
result.businessLicensestringThe official business license number issued by an agency. A licensed professional can have the same license number assigned to multiple license types.7.3.2
result.businessNamestringA secondary business name for the applicable individual.7.3.2
result.businessName2stringA secondary business name for the applicable individual.7.3.2
result.citizenPermissionstringAccess permissions for the citizen user.7.3.2
result.citystringThe name of the city.7.3.2
result.commentstringComments or notes about the current context.7.3.2
result.contractorBusinessNamestringThe contractor's business name (65 char limit).7.3.2
result.contractorLicenseNumberlongThe contractor's license number.(30 char limit).7.3.2{}The name of the country.7.3.2 localized display text.7.3.2 value for the specified parameter.7.3.2
result.emailstringThe contact's email address.7.3.2
result.faxstringThe fax number for the contact.7.3.2
result.federalEmployerIdstringThe Federal Employer Identification Number. It is used to identify a business for tax purposes. 7.3.2
result.firstNamestringThe contact's first name. This field is only active when the Contact Type selected is Individual.7.3.2
result.genderresult.gender{}The gender (male or female) of the individual.7.3.2
result.gender.textstringThe localized display text.7.3.2
result.gender.valuestringThe value for the specified parameter.7.3.2
result.idlongThe unique identifier for the object, assigned by the Civic Platform server and provided in a response.7.3.2
result.insuranceAmountdoubleThe cost, in dollar amounts, of the professional’s insurance policy.7.3.2
result.insuranceCompanystringThe name of the company insuring the professional.7.3.2
result.insuranceExpirationDatedateTimeThe date when the insurance policy is due to expire.7.3.2
result.insurancePolicyNumberstringThe insurance policy number.7.3.2
result.lastNamestringThe last name (surname). 7.3.2
result.lastRenewalDatedateTimeThe last date for a professionals renewal license.7.3.2
result.licenseExpirationDatedateTimeThe date when the license expires and is no longer valid.7.3.2
result.licenseIssueDatedateTimeThe license date of issuance. 7.3.2
result.licenseNumberstringThis is the license number for the contact.7.3.2
result.licenseStatestringThe licensed professional's license number. The license is from the Contractors State License Board. 7.3.2
result.licenseTyperesult.licenseType{}The type of license held by the professional.7.3.2
result.licenseType.textstringThe localized display text.7.3.2
result.licenseType.valuestringThe value for the specified parameter.7.3.2
result.licensingBoardresult.licensingBoard{}The name of the licensing board that issued the license. 7.3.2
result.licensingBoard.textstringThe localized display text.7.3.2
result.licensingBoard.valuestringThe value for the specified parameter.7.3.2
result.middleNamestringThe middle name. 7.3.2
result.phone1stringThe primary telephone number of the contact. 7.3.2
result.phone1CountryCodestringPhone Number 1 Country Code7.3.2
result.phone2stringThe secondary telephone number of the contact.7.3.2
result.phone2CountryCodestringPhone Number 2 Country Code7.3.2
result.phone3stringThe tertiary telephone number for the contact.7.3.2
result.phone3CountryCodestringPhone Number 3 Country Code7.3.2
result.postalCodestringThe postal ZIP code for the address.7.3.2
result.postOfficeBoxstringThe post office box number.7.3.2
result.salutationresult.salutation{}The salutation to be used when addressing the contact; for example Mr. or Ms. This field is active only when Contact Type = Individual.7.3.2
result.salutation.textstringThe localized display text.7.3.2
result.salutation.valuestringThe value for the specified parameter.7.3.2
result.serviceProviderCodestringThe unique agency identifier, the system assigns, on the Accela Civic Platform.7.3.2
result.stateresult.state{}The state corresponding to the address on record.7.3.2
result.state.textstringThe localized display text.7.3.2
result.state.valuestringThe value for the specified parameter.7.3.2
result.statusresult.status{}The license status.7.3.2
result.status.textstringThe localized display text.7.3.2
result.status.valuestringThe value for the specified parameter.7.3.2
result.suffixstringThe contact name suffix.7.3.2
result.titlestringThe individual's business title. 7.3.2
result.workerCompensationExemptionstringThe code associated with the Worker's Compensation Insurance Company.7.3.2
result.workerCompensationExpirationDatedateTimeThis is the expiration date of the Worker's Compensation Insurance Policy.7.3.2
result.workerCompensationPolicyNumberstringThis is the policy number for the Worker's Compensation Insurance. Limit of 30 characters.7.3.2
result.workerInsuranceCompanyCodestringThe code associated with the Worker's Compensation Insurance Company.7.3.2
statusintegerThe record status.7.3.3


Sample Response Body

  "status": 200,
  "result": [
      "city": "Pennington",
      "postalCode": "12345",
      "id": 20001397062,
      "firstName": "Brad",
      "lastName": "Vuspex",
      "serviceProviderCode": "ISLANDTON",
      "licenseNumber": "BP8675309",
      "email": "",
      "addressLine1": "123 Brad Pennington Ave",
      "licenseState": "CA",
      "licenseType": {
        "value": "CONTRACTOR",
        "text": "CONTRACTOR"
      "licensingBoard": {
        "value": "Contractor",
        "text": "Contractor"
      "state": {
        "value": "CA",
        "text": "CA"
      "country": {
        "value": "US",
        "text": "US"
      "city": "Roberts",
      "postalCode": "12345",
      "id": 20001384011,
      "firstName": "Jeff",
      "lastName": "Vuspex",
      "serviceProviderCode": "ISLANDTON",
      "licenseNumber": "JR8675309",
      "businessName": "JEFF ROBERTS CONSTRUCTION",
      "licenseIssueDate": "2014-06-02 00:00:00",
      "email": "",
      "phone1": "1215551212",
      "phone2": "2215551212",
      "phone3": "3215551212",
      "addressLine1": "123 Jeff Roberts Road",
      "licenseState": "CA",
      "licenseType": {
        "value": "CONTRACTOR",
        "text": "CONTRACTOR"
      "licensingBoard": {
        "value": "Contractor",
        "text": "Contractor"
      "state": {
        "value": "CA",
        "text": "CA"