Reverse Geocode Address

Returns address information for the given longitude and latitude coordinates. This API returns address information from the map service that has been configured on Construct Admin Portal > {Agency} > Agency Settings > GIS Settings.

Resource Information

Scope gis
App Type All
Authorization Type No authorization required
URI /v4/geo/geocode/reverse?longitude={longitude}&latitude={latitude}&lang={lang}
Automation Version(s) All

Request Information

Field or Parameter Type Required Values Description Automation Version
longitude string Yes   The north-south, x-coordinate of an address. The value must be between -180 and +180. All
latitude string Yes   The east-west, y-coordinate of an address. The value must be between -90 and +90. All
lang string No   The translation language for I18N support. The default language is en_US. All


Sample Request


Response Information

Field Type Description Automation Version
result result{}   All
result.address result.address{} Contains the address information for the given coordinates. All
result.address.addressFormat string The full address. All
result.address.houseNumber string The street address number. All
result.address.houseNumberFraction string A fraction used in combination with the street number. All
result.address.street string The street address, including number and name. All
result.address.streetDirection string The street direction, such as "N", "SW", "East", etc. All
result.address.streetName string The name of the street. All
result.address.streetPrefix string A prefix used with the street address, such as a directional street number prefix. All
result.address.streetSuffix string A suffix used with the street address, such as a building suite suffix. All
result.address.streetSuffixDirection string The street direction used in a street suffix. All string The name of the city. All
result.address.state string The name of the state. All
result.address.stateAbbreviation string The state code or abbreviation. All
result.address.postalCode string The postal zip code. All string The name of the country. All
result.address.countryCode string The country code or abbreviation. All
status integer The return status. All


Sample Response Body

  "address": {
    "addressFormat": "2677 Camino Ramon, San Ramon, California, 94583, United States",
    "houseNumber": "2677",
    "streetName": "Camino Ramon",
    "street": "2677 Camino Ramon",
    "state": "California",
    "postalCode": "94583",
    "city": "San Ramon",
    "country": "United States",
    "countryCode": "USA",
    "stateAbbreviation": "CA"