Get Metadata of Asset Custom Attributes

Returns an array containing the metadata of the asset custom attributes. The metadata is configured in an attributes template which is assigned to the asset type in Civic Platform Administration.

Resource Information

Scope get_asset_attributes_meta
Scope Group(s) assets
App Type Agency
Authorization Type Access token
URI /v4/assets/{id}/attributes/meta?lang={lang}&fields={fields}
Automation Version(s) 9.0.0

Request Information

Field or Parameter Type Required Values Description Automation Version
fields string No   Comma-delimited names of fields to be returned in the response. Note: Field names are case-sensitive and only first-level fields are supported. Invalid field names are ignored. 9.0.0
id string No Get All Assets The unique identifier for the asset assigned by the Civic Platform server. 9.0.0
lang String No   Indicates the language applied. 9.0.0

Response Information

Field Type Description Automation Version
result[] result{} Contains asset attribute information. 9.0.0
result.attributeGroup string The group the attribute belongs to. 9.0.0
result.attributeLabel string The attribute's display label. 9.0.0
result.attributeLength string The number of characters the attribute field allows. 9.0.0
result.attributeName string The unique name of the attribute. This name is for administrative use only; it is not used for display purposes. 9.0.0
result.defaultValue string The attribute's default value. 9.0.0
result.description string The attribute's description. 9.0.0
result.displayOrder Long The attribute's display position. 9.0.0
result.displayStatus string The attribute's display status. 9.0.0
result.isDropdownList string Indicates whether or not the attribute is a dropdown list. 9.0.0
result.options[] string Contains the dropdown list values. 9.0.0
result.rangeSearchFlag string Indicates whether or not the attribute allows a search range. 9.0.0
result.recordStatus string Indicates whether or not the attribute is active. 9.0.0
result.searchableFlag string Indicates whether or not the attribute is searchable. 9.0.0
result.unitType string The unit of measure used with the attribute. 9.0.0
result.updatedBy string The user who last updated the attribute. 9.0.0
result.updatedDate dateTime The date and time the attribute was last updated. 9.0.0
result.valueDataType string The data type of the attribute value. 9.0.0
result.valueRequired string Indicates whether or not the attribute value is required. 9.0.0
status integer The request status. 9.0.0